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We help institutions make better decisions about how to integrate and streamline a wealth management business

  • Integrating and streamlining platform technologies across the wealth business model
  • Controlling and reducing the manufacturing costs underpinning the wealth product
  • Helping institutions create automation and scale for the business but customization for their clients

The Problem we help organizations identify and overcome

Many bank trust divisions and investment advisers have an inefficient manufacturing and distribution process that has led to an inconsistent client experience and low profitability.

Trust divisions and investment advisers have been forced to cobble together combinations of accounting software, custodians, and spreadsheets to produce a functioning, but inefficient process with little distribution potential and ultimately constrained ability to produce the efficiency and profitability that should come from scale.

Why is scale elusive for many wealth management organizations?

Every client expects a custom portfolio, and every investment manager wishes to treat each client as an individual. Banks wish to offer a highly tailored client experience with a unique investment solution for each client as a tangible manifestation of good service. For most banks, therein lies the seed of inefficiency: bank trust divisions lack the ability to scale their business models because the work flow involved in customizing each client portfolio is almost entirely manual. In an environment where customization is largely through manual process, there can be no common client experience because each portfolio manager/account administrator becomes an operational island unto himself/herself and creates a different investment process and product for each client. Where there is inconsistency in the application of the investment process, the potential to distribute a commonly manufactured investment discipline is impossible. Once the customization process becomes manual, the ability to operate an efficient business that delivers a consistent investment product with comparable performance results across an entire client base, at scale, is lost. When scale is absent, an inconsistent investment process and low profitability become the unintended symptoms of the problem.

Make better decisions about these types of issues:
  • where to streamline and where standalone technology is the right choice;
  • which operating model and technology framework drives automation and scale;
  • which technologies are necessary and which are redundant;
  • finding and making the right vendor choice;
  • get a truly competitive and comparative price analysis of your vendor(s);
  • which key trends in the industry will drive competitiveness and profitability;
  • how to control the cost of third party managers;
  • how to migrate performance & attribution at the lowest possible cost;
  • how to customize tax expense and risk management at the client level and across your client base, simultaneously;
  • how to blend proprietary disciplines with third party managers at the lost possible cost;
  • how to drive growth in AUM and revenue.

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