De novo trust and/or investment management

When banks are trying to make a decision on whether and how to build a trust and/or investment management business line, they should seek outside, independent assistance. Trust, and investment management are "businesses within a business." That is, while a potentially complementary and valuable business line, the wealth management business is not a deposit and lending business. The variables that determine success, and the skill sets of the professionals hired are entirely different.

In addition to proper financial modeling and an evaluation of the financial potential, often overlooked intangibles are critical in determining the potential to build a wealth management business including,
  • vendor and platform decisions & negotiation.
  • breakeven analysis, and go - no go decisions.
  • staffing requirements.
  • competitive compensation models.
  • what is takes to achieve scale.
  • is outsourcing right for your organization.
  • vetting a strategic vision.
  • the implications of an investment discipline.
  • board education.
  • integration into a bank's larger business model.
  • policies and procedures.
  • preparing for trust / securities regulatory environment.
  • where other banks have experienced disappointment.

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