One-Day Assessment

The most common question a manager asks is “am I ready to distribute?” WCG can provide an informed assessment on whether and how a manager should move forward into UMA distribution channels.

WCG offers a one-day assessment to third party managers to:
  • discuss methods, venues, and vehicles that are best suited for your investment discipline;
  • answer the question whether your firm is ready to distribute and if not, what it will take to get you ready;
  • present, discuss, define opportunities and challenges in a UMA operating environment predicated on overlay technology;
  • discuss common distribution channels including, TAMPs, direct clients by type, due diligence providers;
  • review and discuss marketing and presentation materials that make your case to each distribution channel.
WCG will ask each client to pull together information after we have been engaged but prior to completing the assessment. We charge a one-time fee of $3,200. We can conduct the session by conference call but prefer a face-to-face dialogue for purposes of discussion and white-boarding. If we travel to a client’ site we assess pre-approved, direct travel expenses at cost.

If a client wishes to retain WCG for development of your offering including assistance with distribution beyond the one-day assessment we will provide a detailed estimate but there is no obligation beyond the one-day’ expense.

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