Open Architecture Solutions For Institutional Wealth Management
Helping Wealth Management Institutions Make Informed Decisions And Negotiate The Right Terms

Winslow Capital Group, LLC helps banks, investment advisors, and broker-dealers make the right decisions regarding platform, technology and business model operating structure related to the various operating models of open architecture within in wealth management.

Helping your organization develop a more competitive offering and substantially increase the efficiency of your manufacturing and distribution process is where Winslow Capital Group, LLC can help. We work with you to design, review, implement, monitor and manage a successful open architecture offering and will vet multiple operating models including, Separately Managed Accounts (SMA); Unified Managed Accounts (UMA); Overlay technology; Unified Managed Households (UMH); integrated systems of record; custody, and internal and external reporting capability.

If you are considering working with outside managers, a turn-key-asset management solution (TAMP), or a standalone, point solution configuration to enhance the efficiency of your manufacturing and distribution mode, Winslow Capital Group, LLC brings the resources and professional experience to the table to deliver the right solution set for your organization.

We are in a position to help you navigate:
  • the critical distinctions between and implications of SMA / UMA / Overlay / UMH / TAMPs / Point Solution Models.
  • competitive price analysis of and negotiation with your vendor(s).
  • making an informed decision on "unbundled versus bundled" service providers.
  • a discussion about the ongoing evolution of the industry and the impact on your decisions today.
  • manager selection and monitoring.
  • performance & attribution.
  • product positioning relative to existing, internal bank offerings.
  • working with your existing portfolio management staff to correctly incorporate and internally position an Open Architecture / SMA / UMA / Overlay / UMH offering.
  • address sales compensation structure relative to an Open Architecture / SMA / UMA / Overlay / UMH offering.
  • review options for
  • due diligence
  • interface with your core system of record
  • proposal platforms
  • overlay function
  • individual managers versus the use of models
  • reducing trading friction and execution costs
  • reducing embedded fees and concessions
  • formalized adoption & implementation plans
  • review and amendment of compensation plans

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